Maternal Mehndi
Unique body art for every occasion

A Maternal Beginning
Maternal Mehndi started when artist Cameo Bodey was pregnant with her son, Atlas. Cameo has always been fond of henna and, as an artist, felt called to the art of mehndi. As her due date approached, she managed to adorn her own [ginormous] belly with henna paste, with some help from her sister. She loved the process so much, she started doing mehndi for other pregnant mothers and the rest is history!
About Cameo
Cameo was born in Spokane and raised in Western Washington. In her 20s, she traveled the US with her 3-legged dog, Autumn. Finally she settled back in her hometown and met her soulmate, Jimmy. 
Cameo feels called to a future in birthwork and loves to be in the presence of expecting mothers. She feels deeply connected to each of the bellies she adorns and gives each belly the love and care she did her own. 
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Maternal Mehndi is based out of artist Cameo Bodey's home in North Spokane. We are open by appointment only, Please contact with any questions, concerns or concepts. Please feel free to ask for a quote outside of the price sheet.